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Svyasa Diabetes Yoga Therapists Team
SDYT - SVYASA Diabetes Yoga Therapists Team

Are you trained Yoga Teacher, willing to teach DM PATIENTS ? Age no bar.

Please join our SDYT – SVYASA Diabetes Yoga Therapists Team by paying a membership of Rs.1000 per year and get initial training and updating as a Diabetes Therapist teacher from SVYASA. Take regular classes for them one hour per day, six days a week (2 batches). Get your remuneration from SVYASA if needed to cover your travel and time.You will get all material published by SVYASA.   

What do you do?
1 Become a member of SDYT of SVYASA
2 Get trained at SVYASA as a certified Yoga Therapist specific to Diabetes as apart of SDM   
3 Conduct Yoga Therapy classes to Diabetic patients for 1.5 hours per day/per batch for 6 days a week
4 Collect the prescribed the fees from the diabetic patients, who are registered.

What will you get?
1  Fifteen days training (2.5 hours per day) by SVYASA team and certification as a Yoga therapist specific to Diabetes as a part of SDM. 
2. Remuneration to cover travel and time.
3  Secure your place for 5 to 10 years.
4  Meetings with coordinator of SVYASA and support from Doctors Council SDDC
5  Books on DM, DVD on DM and VCD; DM Yoga chart
6  Periodic updates and training provided by SVYASA
7. Online – Yoga Sudha,  International Journal of Yoga - IJOY

SDM – An initiative of
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University (SVYASA), Bengaluru
E-mail: sdmsvyasa@gmail.com   sdm@svyasa.org  
Website: www.stopdiabetessvyasa.com

To register yourself for SDYT, click here Download the form and email to us!