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Svyasa Diabetes Yoga Organiser's Wing
SDYO - SVYASA Diabetes Yoga Organizers Wing

What do you do ?
1 Become a member of SDYO of SVYASA (Membership fee applicable) 
2 Get trained as a certified Yoga Organizer for  SDM – an initiative of  SVYASA
3 Organize and facilitate regular conduct of classes by inspiring/talking to the patients and doctors /consultants of SDDC
4 Contact and register DM patients for enrollment for the SDM Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
5 Inspire patients to go to Prashanti Kutiram for intensive training in IAYT –Yoga Intervention for avoiding secondary complications.

What will you get?
1 Fifteen days training (2.5 hours per day) by SVYASA team and a certification  as Yoga Organizer  for SDM of SVYASA
2 Suitable monthly honorarium, if needed.
3 You can be a part of SDM, Nationwide Movement of SVYASA.
4 Book on Organizers Manual
5 Periodic updates and training provided by SVYASA
6 Online – Yoga Sudha,  International Journal of Yoga - IJOY
7 Meetings with coordinator and other organizers of  SVYASA
8 Support from the doctors of SDDC

Graduation BSc, BCom, BE, MBBS or equivalent and Qualification from SVYASA in any one or more of their yoga courses.Experience in Organization in social service projects, preferred.

SDM – An initiative of
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University (SVYASA), Bengaluru
E-mail: sdmsvyasa@gmail.com   sdm@svyasa.org  
Website: www.stopdiabetessvyasa.com

To register yourself for SDYO, click here Download the form and email to us!