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Svyasa Diabetes Doctor's Council
SDDC - SVYASA Diabetes Doctors Council

What do you do?

1.Become a member of SDDC of SVYASA (by paying Membership fee of Rs.)
2.Send patients to Yoga classes run by authentic Diabetic Yoga Therapists certified by SVYASA and to Prashanti Kutiram for In-patient Yoga Therapy treatment, if found necessary.
3  Give usual consultations to them and guide them for check up as usual. Collect the data/clinical parameters and send the same to SVYASA. 

What will you get?
1. Pride of being in a national team of doctors striving to reverse the trend of DM spreading in the country
2. One orientation program by Dr Nagarathna MD, FRCP, the Chief   consultant of SVYASA and other experts associated with SVYASA
3. One day CME on diabetes from experts on DM once a year
4. Referrals of patients from SVYASA team to you
5. Support from SVYASA team of researchers, consultants and organizers
6. Email update of Yoga Research.
7. On line International Journal Of Yoga 
8. On line Yoga Sudha monthly
9. Names in Yoga Sudha
10. Online yoga conference details

SDM – An initiative of
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University (SVYASA), Bengaluru
E-mail: sdmsvyasa@gmail.com   sdm@svyasa.org  
Website: www.stopdiabetessvyasa.com

To register yourself for SDDC, click here Download the form and email to us!